Want to know what a pregnant woman about to go into labour sounds like? (From a safe distance?)

This episode is near and dear to our hearts because little did we know, we would go into the hospital 36 hours later and emerge with Kid Vader, our 6 lb happy bundle of joy.

There is strong language in this episode, people. Because, 39 WEEKS PREGNANT and angry.

There’s also crying, crankiness, cravings, pleading, bouts of random hormonal rage, discussion about attending FanExpo Canada, and of course a Movie From Memory.

It’s pretty much the best podcast we’ve ever done.

Around 2:00 Kat talks contractions. Angrily.

At 4:25 we talk about 3 ways to help get the baby out.

About 6:00 we touch on cravings throughout pregnancy.

At the 8:00 mark we chat about the effects of pregnancy hormones on couples, and the family.

At 16:25 a peach drives Kat over the edge. (Best. Pregnancy meltdown. EVER.)

Around 19:25 Heath graces us with a Movie From Memory rendition of Tron.


We did go to FanExpo Canada the next day.

We walked around for 6 hours.

We met Neal Adams.

We ate even MORE spicy food.

And finally, contractions sent us to the hospital on Sunday August 31st.

Baby Harrison arrived on Labour Day, Sept. 1st, at 2:59pm, but this little guy has filled every minute with excitement from the moment he showed up as a positive on a test.

We all love you, Harrison.

We can’t believe that it’s been 2 months already.