It started innocently enough. I realized how hard it was to stop and take pictures of my wee little girl when I was chasing her around, or had her in the Baby Bjorn. So, we got into the habit of picking out cute styles together (Vee would grab at a dress or pants and passionately shove them into her mouth.. which she still does) and then do a ‘photoshoot’. It turns out that Vee likes to pose. She adores the camera, smiling on demand, and even looks over my shoulder sometimes with that funny little tinge of hauteur that I see on the front pages of Elle and Vogue. Oh dear. I have a spotlight baby.

Now it’s become a game. I can hardly wait until she outgrows her clothes and we can finally go to the mall or into sweet little boutiques together. Here’s my confession.. Generally I go even when her clothes still fit. Then, we go to the park, play in the leaves, or just pose on a good bedspread backdrop. Here are some of fall’s best shots.

Dressing Up

We had Vee’s Baptism in October, and she just loved dressing up for it. It’s hard to find white dresses in the fall. Luckily, I bought one for her from H&M in the summer. We added a white cotton shrug from Baby Gap, and winterized with white tights.

Mom Tip: If you have a big event and you want to get ‘that picture’ of your kid, take a bunch of pics at a dress rehearsal like I did. On the day of her Baptism, she was crawling around, getting dirty, and of course, got apricot sauce dribbled down the front of her dress. I was fine though because I knew I already had ‘the shot’.

Dress from H&M, Shrug from Baby Gap, Lamb from who knows where.

Fall Girl

There is something about this tree that drives my daughter wild. She loves sitting in its leaves, feeling utterly dwarfed by its height. This was a particularly cold day, and we were clashing pleasantly in favour of warmth. The hat, which replaced my orginal choice of white beret, and was unceremoniously pulled down onto Vee’s head by my practical mother, is from Jacadi, as is Vee’s one-piece jumper underneath, and her booties. The coat is from Old Navy.

Coat from Old Navy, Hat, Jumper and Booties from Jacadi.

Harvest Style

We went to the pumpkin patch and it was magical. The colours alone are phenomenal, but to see your baby playing and exploring (and trying to eat) this gigantic produce is so much fun. Here Vee is wearing a lovely turquoise top and grey cable sweater, both from H&M.

Mom Tip: If you know you are going to be taking pictures where certain colours will be prominent, dress your kid to ‘pop’ out of the background. That turquoise looks fantastic as a bold hit against the different orange hues.

Sweater and Top both from H&M

Adorable Layers and Knits

I just love Baby Gap ‘crawlers’. These velour leggings with reinforced knees and built in skirt, come in different colours and patterns. Vee is wearing a saucy grey animal print here with her grey high tops from H&M, together with her fall go-to favourites – the grey cable-knit sweater and turquoise top from H&M. The white knit hat with flowers covers her ears and looks adorable. This is definitely a look we’ll revisit in the spring… with bigger clothes.

Hat, Sweater, Top, and Shoes from H&M. ‘Crawlers’ from Baby Gap.

The Skinny Jean

They’re thicker than leggings, but aren’t so bulky that they ride up. Perfect for park visits and looking chic in general, baby skinnies are also really practical for little girls who are trying to figure out this whole ‘walking’ thing. This pair is from Baby Gap’s 1969 collection, and even though they’re dark, the colour hasn’t stained anything, and washes well in the cold load. The vest is from last season Baby Gap, boots from Jacadi, and sweater from H&M.

Vest and Pants from Baby Gap. Sweater from H&M, Booties from Jacadi.

Next time in Style, I’ll be writing about Accessories – for both baby and going back to work. Stay tuned..