From Comics, Anime, Movies, and Beyond

When Kat had 8 weeks left in her  pregnancy with Kid Vader, we decided to do a podcast about geeky baby names from the conservative to those more unique monikers. So if you are looking for a name that ‘fits’ your kicking bump get ready to sit down with a pen and paper. You’re welcome.

We also know we left out a BUNCH of names. Selena (or Kyle), Jean, Jubilee, Jessica (or Drew) are just the tip of the iceberg. So leave your suggestions below!

Choice Highlights From This Episode

At 2:15 we delve into comics from the DC end but quickly get off track.

At 3:40 we have a mini stroke preventing us from remembering the name JAMES. You’ll see who we’re talking about.

At  5:00 the fact that we couldn’t remember the name James becomes even funnier.

At 10:30 we uncover the name of the child that sounds like it might nurse forever

At 11:40 we jump into Star Wars. Bam.

At 12:30 we chat about how it might be a protective instinct to look at how other kids might make fun of your  kid’s name.

At 16:04 Kat reveals her super secret DOG NAME.

We also talk about a ‘Movie From Memory’ segment that never happens. Because, baby brain.