This week on The Ramble? Horror flicks and pregnant chicks.

That’s right. We’re talking about horror films that either randomly have pregnancy reveals in them or that feature pregnancy as a key to satanic procreation fun. YAY!

Depending on how you’re feeling about pregnancy, horror films, or the mega combo that is ‘Pregnancy Horror’ you can use these suggestions as viewing recommendations, or as a ‘what to avoid’ list.

  1. Rosemary’s Baby
  2. C.H.U.D.
  3. VHS 2
  4. Nightmare on Elm Street 5
  5. It’s Alive
  6. Dead Alive
  7. The Unborn
  8. Where the Children Play
  9. The Children
  10. Humanoids from the Deep
  11. Zombie Lake
  12. The Omen

Honourable mentions:

  • American Horror Story Season 1
  • Innerspace (Which is not remotely a horror movie. We know.)


But wait there’s more!

Also this week…Heath get off topic and starts answering phones and talking film. Kat gets grumpy and militant at 30 weeks pregnant. References are made to podcasts that haven’t been edited or aired yet. Kat butchers Top Gun in this week’s ‘Movie from Memoryyyyyyyyyyyy’.

If you can think of any more horror movies with pregnancy in them let us know in the comments below! We’ll add them to the list.

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