Did you see this?

A while back I ran a contest on YMC for moms who needed to recharge and reconnect with their inner WOW by offering them the chance to take a day for themselves at Civello Queen St.

Three moms were selected by random draw for an ultimate spa and makeover session —you can read about how awesome it was here.

Jenn was the grand prize winner and got to be the star of my fun web series Trying Times co-produced with very awesome Wormhole Media and Heath Horejda, who is also the show’s director.

It was so freaking fun to see her relax throughout the day, slowly leave ever-alert mom-mode, and really get into her makeover transformation. And the results?

Um. Stunning. Like ‘my eyes are drying out from staring’ kind of beautiful.


I love seeing women own their hotness. It makes me so happy when people are happy in their skins.

Also, is it just me or could Jenn totally double for T’pol at the end of the shoot?