Because Love, Zombies, And Vampires Bite.

I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day. I don’t know if past trauma shapes my view… But I do remember that in grade two a typo on the class list left my name off. I still remember the feeling sitting at my little desk and not one classmate dropped a Valentine in my little box. It was heartbreaking. Now I know it was just parents working off the list, but back in grade two I was destroyed.

Maybe I just hate the marketing bonanza beating me over the head for a month. “Show her your love… with stuff!” I like to think I show it everyday.

So in the spirit of an alternative Valentine’s Day I’ve decided to put a list together of a few Valentine’s Day movies (read: horror flicks) that might have fallen through the cracks, but are perfect for jump-scare cuddles today and all year long.

  1. My Bloody Valentine (1981- 2009 remake)

My Bloody Valentine (Neil Affleck) is a cult horror movie (and it’s Canadian, folks!) about a small mining town with a deadly legend that comes home on Valentine’s Day. The movie has heart… and it finds it with a pickaxe.


  1. Warm Bodies (2013)

The world is over run with zombies and unaffected humans fight to survive. See what happens when a zombie falls in love with a living woman. Is love greater than desire… to eat human flesh?


  1. Thirst (2009)


This amazing film out of Korea is about a priest who— while working with the sick and diseased— falls victim to the same disease. He undergoes an experimental treatment that cures him but also turns him into a vampire. He then meets and falls in love with a married woman but doesn’t know if she loves the man or monster.


  1. Shaun of the Dead

If you haven’t seen Shaun of the Dead you live in a cave. Welcome back to the world! Now grab the love of your life and get ready for what your life has been missing. When the dead get up and stumble around looking for the living snacks, Shaun must man up to save his family and friends.


There you go. A diverse list of love themed horror movies to make your Valentine’s Day a little less about bling and more about heart… or lack of a heartbeat. Mwahahaha!

Remember, when there’s no more room in hell, you’re dead because you waited too long to make reservations at a restaurant for Valentine’s day and your girlfriend is going to kill you… watch a movie instead… and roses are less than half price on Feb 15th. Just saying, why buy one dozen when you can buy three-dozen one day later.