Usually ‘Hustle on the Street’ means I actually leave my cozy bubble and venture out into the world to report on all manner of cool things. But recently, I’ve been super lucky to have my friends come over to bring the world and the most pressing holiday news, to me.

Last week, Alison Burke from Impressions PR gave me the secrets to getting all our holiday shopping done without stress. And this week Taste Award Winner and wine professional Susan Sterling came over to give me a primer in local Ontario wine to um, get primed with.

This time (because obviously there have to be more such visits), Susan brought a selection of Andrew Peller Limited wines, schooled me in the fine art of how to pair Riesling with hors d’oeuvres, Chardonnay with turkey dinner, a red blend with everything, and of course a gorgeous ice wine that tasted like liquid HOLYCRAPTHATISSOGOOD.

As you can tell, my palette and wine vernacular are not as refined as Susan’s, but to make up for it I drink twice as much. I am an avid student.

The best part of her visit was the discovery and execution of an exclusive B&H Star Wars Cocktail, perfect for toasting the much anticipated night of December 17th.

And to make said cocktail? You will have to wait until Part 2, The Cork Awakens so subscribe now!