The countdown clock to Dec 17th is on. I’ve got my ticket for the 10:45pm show, do you? If you don’t know what I am talking about… Star Wars. Star Wars baby! Teasers, multiple trailers, international trailers, magazines, and one amazing looking video game called Star Wars: Battlefront (released tomorrow!) make it an amazing time to be a Star Wars geek.

The Death-Star trench run in rebel x-wings, the imperial assault on the frozen planet of Hoth and the shield generator battle on the forest moon of Endor have been replayed in my mind and with Star Wars toys over and over again for many years. I can’t decide if I am more excited to see Han, Leia, Luke and Chewy again on the big screen or to be them in an amazing looking game. Who am I kidding…Have you seen the film trailers?


It also doesn’t help the city decided it was a good idea to tow my 100% legally parked car—with the fine and impound fees the cost was very close to the price of an Xbox One. Bastards!

Now, there have been some amazing Star Wars games and some really bad ones (like the prequel movies). I remember playing the original sit-down Star Wars arcade game at Buffalo Bills Arcade Sundays after church. No better way to celebrate Sunday than taking on the empire and blowing the hell out of a couple Death Stars.

Yes, good or bad if it was a Star Wars game I played it. My personal favorites were the Super Star Wars series for Super Nintendo. These were the Star Wars games I waited along time for— and I feel like a kid again waiting for the new games and movies now.


I love Star Wars.

Star Wars is more than a movie, it’s a language spoken by millions of people all over the world.

Star Wars was the first video my father ever rented for the old top-loader VHS. For a whole 24-hour period the movie did not stop playing. It was during this period the language of Star Wars took hold of me.

Along time ago…when I was six years old (Geez…that was along time ago!) my family moved to another part of the city and I attended a new school. I remember being terrified no one would like me, I wouldn’t make any friends and all my friends at my old school would forget me. At some point during recess that first week of school the entire first and second grade classes got together to play Star Wars. It was the first time that week I came out of my shell. This language of Star Wars bonded me with my fellow classmates and I was even chosen to be Han Solo. I remember asking “Why not Luke?” but Han Solo is pretty cool when everyone else is one of 42 Storm Troopers. And as I reenacted Han Solo’s Death Star over the shoulder ‘run and gun’ I felt so free and happy at my new school… so free and happy I didn’t notice the huge solid metal flagpole. Hard to notice those when firing over your shoulder.


The left side of my head hit with the full force of my sprinting little body. Like the Storm Trooper who didn’t clear the door—

I don’t remember much after that. I remember sitting in the library waiting for my mom. I remember the look on her face when I turned profile to greet her and she gasped at the full-face bruise on the left side. Yup, I bled for Star Wars… or have been black and blue for it.

These last couple of weeks awoke the kid in me (he is a light sleeper). Every week is some kind of new trailer for the Star Wars- The Force Awakens. Star Wars- Battlefront Commercials and game play trailers come out just frequent. I have gotten a little teary eyed a couple of times watching these, but this trailer summed up my childhood perfectly.


It’s a great time to be fan of Star Wars. So, from one super Star Wars fan who attacked his sister the night before her wedding with a Star Wars Force FX Darth Vader lightsaber…May the force be with you.