Comic book illustrators, geek vendors, cosplay, gaming, movies, celebs, brands…There is so much to do at every Con— it can be downright overwhelming. So I’m going out of my way to make sure you don’t miss hanging out with some of my favourite people while you’re here.

Here’s the BH Top 10 of artists and vendors you need to see this year in Toronto.

1. Tim Seeley

He’s only the co-creator of Hack/Slash, where Cassie Hack, one of my very favourite comic heroines kicks serious slasher butt along with her crew of dark yet loveable friends. Think Scooby Doo meets Hatchet. ‘My First Maniac’ actually brought Cap and I together – he brought a copy for me on our first date. The rest is geek history. I highly suggest you make a donation and get a sketch.

2. Jay Fosgitt

Jay is one of the nicest people on the face of the planet. It’s true. This Detroit native draws one of my all-ages comic favourites, Bodie Troll. Bodie wants to be a fierce whirlwind of terror, but he’s destined to be cute and cuddly. You also have to check out Jay’s awesome work on IDW’s My Little Pony. He’ll make a brony out of you in no time. Warning: his commissions and sketches are so on-point, you might cry, squeak, or snoopy dance. (Table P71)

3. Jason Loo

By now you have to have heard of Toronto’s newest superhero, The Pitiful Human Lizard. This series has been featured everywhere— even on line at the Scientific American. Jason recently launched his 5th issue at the Silver Snail, and we were thrilled to hear that loveable underdog protagonist Lucas Barrett and his reappearing limbs were going to be joining Chapterhouse Comics and Captain Canuck! Congrats Jason! Get a commissioned cover before they run out.

4. Kaare Andrews

This Saskatoon native is a dad of 2 with a 3rd on the way, and he’s worked on some of the most prominent titles: Incredible HulkIron FistUltimate X-Men,HawkeyeGen¹³ and The Amazing Spider-Man. He’s also a horror/thriller filmmaker (Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, Altitude and more) and all around fantastic guy. Did I mention he draws the best Hulk? Because HULK SMASH, he does.

5. Marco D’Alfonso

Marco D’Alfonso’s spins on comic pop culture will leave you refreshed, inspired, and just so damn happy. We’ve been following him for years, and it’s always a win to see his portfolio or pick up one of his books or prints. And trust me, you’ll want them ALL. Oh you’ve seen his work. And yes, he’s always willing to talk about how he came up with his ideas. And he has candy. No really.

6. Ashley Du

I first met Ashley a couple years ago during one of her first cosplays as a “Victoria Secret Zombie” and now, I’m thrilled to see her exploding onto the cosplay scene. This beautiful inside-and-out ultrageek makes all her own killer costumes and her make up (not to mention her approachable and outgoing personality) are fantastic. You may have seen her as Sexy Freddie Krueger, Darth Maul, Yoda, modelling the fantastic SciFeye Candy line of geek lingerie (see No. 8)… the list of her cosplay accomplishments goes on. Come say hi to this super talented lady, and grab one of her very cool prints. (Booth 1616)

7. Gracie Klutz, Klutz Mega Korp Pinup Boutique

This talented Toronto-based Etsy retailer has hit the nail on the head with her hand made Ectobubble Bubble Bath and Cream Puft Body Lotion (which smell DROOL WORTHY).  All her stock is going fast, so make sure you pick some up. What better way to unwind after a stressful day geeking out at the Con than with a hot bath and massage? Oh, and make sure you check out her adorable line of retro, geek-print head wraps. I am in love with them all. Psst… you can buy on line too! (Booth 653)

Ectobubble Bubble Bath, and Cream Puft Lotion? Yes please.

Ectobubble Bubble Bath, and Cream Puft Lotion? Yes please.

8. SciFeyeCandy Handmade Canadian Lingerie & Swimwear

Don’t forget to check out this amazing line of super sexy underwear and gorgeous swim trunks for both ladies and gents! Made with love right here in the GTA, I am a big favourite of the fabrics that Sarah uses. So. Comfortable. This is a way better souvenir of the Con than your average T-shirt because now you can be Batman ALL THE TIME. And no one will know unless you want them to…mwahahahaa. You can order on line as well.

I'm wearing mine right now. Not even lying. Yep. I'm Batman.

I’m wearing mine right now. Not even lying. Yep. I’m Batman.

9. Extra Life

You can totally save lives while playing video games. For real. Extra Life is fast becoming one of my favourite charities, benefiting the Children’s Miracle Network and their children’s hospitals across North America— including Sick Kids right here in Toronto. Check out their booth and their site and sign up to put your swole thumbs and crazy reflexes to fantastic fundraising use.

Fundraise with a cause and support Children's Miracle Network!

Fundraise with a cause and support Children’s Miracle Network!

10. Ontario Ghostbusters & Guests: Ghostbusters of British Columbia

So  a couple years ago, some of you may remember that I interviewed the ON Ghostbusters and may have issued a friendly little face-off challenge between the ON crew and their west coast counterpart, the Ghostbusters (aka Douchebusters) of British Columbia. Well, if you’re here on Saturday, you may just see ME dressed as a Ghostbuster, because I have been given a flight suit and proton pack for the day as an honorary part of the charity-fundraising-ectoplasm-butt-kicking-dogs-and-cats-living-together team! YES. ME. I am so damn excited I can’t even. Come down and find me! And make sure you show them how much busting makes you feel good with any charity support they need!