So here’s the thing. I grew up in a world where Freddie Krueger had a collectible doll, and there was swearing in the animated Transformers movie.

I probably would have gone to see Jurassic World at a drive-in when I was 5 and been fine with it, if only because I wanted to stay up late, eat popcorn, and enjoy the fantastical feeling of being terrified at a safe distance—burrowing into my mom’s lap while she silently cursed ‘what was I thinking bringing you’ and other such sweet nothings under her breath.

On the other hand, I wouldn’t bring my 5 year old to see this movie. Yes, there are some scenes that are toothy and meat-loving, and there are a few great scares that might be a bit much. (She would also probably point out every single scientific inaccuracy and make me feel ashamed of screaming like Ned Flanders and burrowing into her lap.)

But the one less-obvious thing that might be a little triggering to younger or more sensitive kids from all walks of life is a sub-plot theme of divorce and separation from parents. I mean, yes, generally the message is (*spoiler alert*) that ‘you’re going to be ok no matter what’, and that ‘family sticks together’, but my kid would probably find that scarier than the new hybrid dino wreaking havoc on a theme park.

I talk more about how old I think kids should probably be to see it, along with which movies I personally saw as influences here on my latest Hustle On The Street review. Check it out!


Even though I think some kids might need adult guidance or navigation through some of the story-lines, this movie is not a prestige piece that will send them to therapy with some of it’s more relevant social commentaries (sibling relationships, rocky family dynamics, and women who are torn finding the balance between career and family). I think it’s worth mentioning to you—as a parent to a sensitive kid who’s been through divorce— but I don’t think those are the things that will leave a lasting mark on its audience because, DINOSAURS.

So let’s not take away from what it really is. A fun, popcorn-stuffing-in-your-face, Chris Pratt bromancing/lady-crushing, computer-animation studded, action-packed addition to a very well known brand; dotted with self-reflexive humour and some awesome nostalgic pokes at its own franchise.

In short, it’s a super fun ride.

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