As soon as I got to #DisneyUnwrapped, I became a molten ball of excitement.

The event showcased the hottest picks for the holidays (yes, the ones in December) and included toys from Star Wars, Marvel Avengers, Cars, The Descendants, Inside Out, Frozen, and more. In fact, my brain freezes up and I regress rapidly every time I start thinking about the amount of cool I got to see and yes, DEMO.

I wish I could work through all the squeaking noises and happy claps, but at this point they’re like involuntary twitches and they make it hard to write.

Instead, check out my Hustle on the Street report on YouTube.  You’ll get to see some pretty necessary Want List additions including my favourite picks as of right now – Disney’s Playmation starter pack (get ready to pre-order on July 7th, people!), and Canadian-made ‘Heys’ Star Wars suitcases. I’ll take the Millenium Falcon please!

A big highlight for me was the focus on toys (even the interactive games and apps)  that featured hands-on activity, kid-on-kid play, and educational elements. And obviously when I say ‘kid-on-kid’ I’m also addressing myself and my friends. Because, TOYS.

Also, I can’t wait to see the launch of all the Star Wars The Force Awakens toys on September 4th, at FanExpo in Toronto. Until then, check this out!