If you have geeks and gadget worshippers on your list, your worries are over. I’ve been bookmarking the coolest gifts out there for my own personal letter to Santa (ahem).

1. For the person who always has a new trailer to show you.

Source: | Smartphone Projector, $32.22

You know who I’m talking about. This is the friend whose phone battery is always at 5% because of how many people they’ve shown the latest DC and Marvel film leaks.

Now all they have to do is pop their smartphone into this cool projector, and voila. The wall is their new screening surface. They can plug their phone in to save power or add speakers. This is also perfect for guerilla indie film screenings and Star Wars trailer dissection meetings. And for under $35, it’s many kinds of awesome.

2. For the friend that takes over your playlist.

Source: | Portable Mini Mixer, $119.60

Got a music geek in your circle? Get them this mini mixer and prepare to head bob. This gadget plugs into the headphone jack of your mp3 player, laptop, or phone, and needs no power source. It does however bring with it the potential for some serious set lists. And bonus…now you’ll know who to invite for a killer New Year’s party.

3. For the friend who perpetually ‘stayed up late last night’.
Source: | Ostrich Pillow

Source: | Ostrich Pillow, $29.99 – $74.99

Maybe it was because of a video game, movie marathon, colic-y mini geek, or because they were finishing an epic cosplay project, but everyone has a friend who needs to recover from a rough night. Well my friend, an Ostrich Pillow is like giving a nap in a box. Now your nearest and dearest can literally stick their heads where the sun doesn’t shine, anywhere they deem appropriate. Bliss.

4. For the friends that saw it in theatres 10 times.
Source: | Guardians of the Galaxy DVD,

Source: | Guardians of the Galaxy DVD, $21.95

Just get it for them. They’ll probably already have a copy, but whatever.

5. For the friend who has spent more money on movies and comics than his car.
Source: | Awesome Mix Vol. 1, $?

Source: | Awesome Mix Vol. 1, $?

If you want to knock the socks off of someone and you’re ok with hearing Blue Swede for the next 3 months, you can also do some footwork and find the cassette tape release of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack. That’s right. Awesome Mix Vol. 1 will have that tape deck humming in no time.  

They are available at select Record Store Day stores. And if you are looking for a list of Record Store Day stores in Canada, well, look no further. Let the local shop harassment begin….NOW.

6. For the friend that has insured thumbs.
Source: | Final Fantasy XV Preorder,

Source: | Final Fantasy XV Preorder, $69.99 for Xbox One and Playstation 4

Gamer in your midst? Pre-order the freakishly gorgeous and highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV. Yes I know the release has now been set for Dec 31, 2015, but you can already pre-order it here. Seriously. Can’t wait to play this.

Alternatively you can bring the 8-bit back with a portable version of the Retro Duo NES/SNES system. Yep. Someone on your nice list will be bringing their 8-bit NES and 16-bit SNES games over to your place. And yes, it hooks up to the big screen. Just remember to play nice, kids.

Source: | Portable Retro Dual NES/SNES System, $99.99

Source: | Portable Retro Dual NES/SNES System, $99.99


7. For the friends (whose kids are) obsessed with Minecraft.
Source: | Minecraft EVERYTHING starting at $3.99

Source: | Minecraft EVERYTHING, $3.99 to $79.99

You might not play it. Or get it. But that’s ok.  You can still get a bunch of cute stocking stuffers and more that they’ll go nuts over. So much creeper and porkchop and pick axe and enderman stuff, so little time. Feast your eyes!

 8. For the friend who knows everything about horror movies.
Source: |

Source: | Horror Star Chart, $75 (including shipping from U.K.)

This is perfect for the horror /film buff who thinks that Jason Voorhees trivia qualifies as ‘everyday small talk’ and who bursts into song at the mere mention of The Evil Dead.

This is a gorgeous concept that maps constellations out of cinema’s most classic horror movies, directors, writers, and actors. You can buy both limited and unlimited versions of the prints, which are also available in ‘Science Fiction’ and ‘Hollywood’.

9. For the friend that you always call.
Source: | Ghostbusters Official Collectibles, $9.99 to

Source: | Ghostbusters Collectibles, $9.99 to $407.99

You know that friend who is always there when you need them? These are the friends who have loaned you a Halloween costume last minute, and didn’t judge you when you started binge-watching Murder She Wrote on Netflix. So how about getting them something to commemorate your friendship AND the 30 years of stream-crossing awesomeness that is Ghostbusters?

Check out official ghostbusters collectibles including toys, prints, and glow-in-the-dark vinyl, here. Glow in the dark. GLOW IN THE DARK. Sigh. So much awesome.

Looking for the ultimate gift? You can also commission a proton pack with lights and sound from the talented Julio and Carlo Turcinovic. Dan Aykroyd has already signed off on one of these amazing geek masterpieces. Starting from $2700.00, these babies will have you screaming: “WE GOT OOOONNNNE.”

You’re welcome.

10. For the friend that has already collected everything, and built everything else.
Source: | Kuratas Battle Mech, $1.3M

Source: | Kuratas Battle Mech, $1.3M

If you’re looking for something that really makes a sweeping gesture of appreciation, there’s always the Kuratas Robot —Rideable Battle Mech. When gift certificates just won’t do, a 13 foot, 9,920 lb robot just might be what says ‘I love you’.

The Kuratas can be controlled remotely via a 3G connection, or piloted with hand and body gestures from within the cockpit. Yep. Like, if you move your hand, you move its hand. And for the paltry sum of 1.3 million, it can wow the cosplaying collector and have a special someone living out their Jaeger fantasies without the solvent high from building their own stuff.

Still can’t think of what to get?

December 14th is the Comic Con Toronto 1 Day Event and tickets are only $10. There are going to be tons of comic books, artists, guests, and toys, so head down and treat yourself or scratch some geeks off your list.

Hint: I’m a size Small.