by Jacquie Severs

Valentine’s Day gifts are all about fun. Candy, candles and flowers bring a lot of joy but are temporary. I’ve always thought of lingerie as the gift that keeps on giving, because you can enjoy it for a long time, especially if it is a quality item. The best part about lingerie is that you can receive it as a gift from your partner or if you’re really clever, buy it as a gift for yourself, which you then present on you, as a gift for your partner. Now that my darlings, is a win-win situation!

With that in mind, here are some lovely lingerie options that suit the festive season keeping the special needs of moms and moms-to-be in mind.

First up, expectant moms! Pregnancy lingerie is a booming new business with a number of new lines offering fun, sassy lingerie for the expectant mother. This is truly a “times have changed” moment in lingerie fashion history. Maternity wear need no longer be white cotton eyelet lace only! New brands such as Hot Milk (http://www.hotmilklingerie.com/) and Elle MacPherson Intimates (http://www.ellemacphersonintimates.com/collections/maternity/) offer sexy, pretty and functional options. Freya Lingerie has “Kelly” this fun retro-styled nursing bra in pink with grey leopard print. The range even offers a matching knicker. The best part about this set is that it is totally functional for nursing or maternity wear, offers great support and will bring out the tigress in you! I love the mix of fun and fashion in this line. It’s also available as a wireless bra (no nursing clips).
Tip: Though there are brands out there that manufacture wired nursing bras, I don’t recommend them.  During nursing your breast size is in transition and when engorged, the wires may rest on your milk ducts. This can sometimes cause blockages and this is very painful! Wearing a wireless nursing bra offers your breasts more room to fluctuate in size and will therefore be more comfortable.

Freya Kelly Nursing Bra

Super sexy, leopard print.. and comfortable.

Recently entered motherhood? Not sure of your new size and not willing to invest in the case that your size continues to change? Feeling a little less-than-comfortable with your new figure? A bodysuit is a fun item to try that is bra-free and saucy to romp in! Princesse Tam Tam offers a seductive black satin body suit named “Lizzy” that offers great bum coverage, tummy control and sexy deep plunge in the front showing off that new cleavage. With a bit more coverage all over, you’ll feel like a million bucks in this little number. Paired it with black dress pants, a blazer, pumps and a strand of pearls, and you’re ready for your dinner date. (Here’s hoping Grandma has the wee one over night!) Won’t your partner be pleasantly surprised to discover what it is you’re wearing underneath when you get home?

Lizzy Body Suit

Here’s hoping the kids are at Grandma’s

Another great option for a new mom is a beautiful Kimono robe. This one by Plum Pretty is seductive and sensual against the skin, while being a pretty weekend option you’ll enjoy throughout the year. I think this would be the best item to receive if your V-Day plans include a night beside the fire with baby napping upstairs. The lovely floral pattern means it will match various things already found in your lingerie drawer as well – it would go great with white cottons, soft pinks, or mix and match using those naughty lime green thong undies you picked up and a hot pink tank top. It’s practical, but not so much that it doesn’t feel special.

Robe by Plum Pretty Sugar

Soft, flowing, romantic and super-flattering. Break out the Neruda.

If you are ready to shop for bras again and want to know what the hottest trend is for Valentine’s Day this year, it would have to be saturated brights. Electric blue, chartreuse, sunshine yellow, persimmon orange and hot red are leading sales this season. Mixed with black basics these add a kick to your everyday lingerie wardrobe. Keep in mind bras in bright colours work for everyday, if you think of them as a basic to be worn under darker colours. You’ll love showing off the straps as well under a tank come spring. For Valentine’s Day, imagine this bright blue Cosabella set paired with opaque black stay-up over-the-knee socks or hose, black pumps and a smoky eye! Dramatic, fun and playful, the look is less sex-shop and more fierce-fashion, allowing you to feel like the hip, superhero mom you are.


Who says Valentine’s is about red? ‘Electric’ is the word of the day.

Whatever your choice is for Valentine’s Day, be sure to remember that the most important thing about lingerie is fit. Don’t pay attention to the size on the tag; as with most apparel items sizing is inconsistent brand to brand. I’m sure you read this all the time but it is a truly important tip. A good lingerie fitter will help you find what fits you best. In lieu of that, take a friend to run and grab sizes for you. Please only pay attention to how it fits on your body, not what the tags say! What looks best on you is always what you feel most confident wearing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Jacquie Severs is our very own Bra-fitting and Style Expert. She has been featured in Chatelaine Magazine, and needs an additional lingerie drawer. Read more about Jacquie here.