As a disabled mom who is inadvertently an expert in physical distancing due to juggling multiple autoimmune diseases, I’m not going to lie, I feel like it’s my time to shine. Not just in the context of quarantine, but in terms of Mother’s Day too. So gather round, and let the great Oracle (that’s me) point you in the right direction when it comes to tonight’s under-the-wire late night clicks and ordering.

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Give Mom A Break – Sign Up with A Meal Kit Delivery Service

Now I’m only going to say this once: you are not signing your mother up to cook you dinner from a meal kit. You are signing up in order to have an experience with your mom or partner; learning how to create dishes and tastes you have both often wondered about, without the stress of having to navigate stores or getting all the ingredients.

Our family go-to is Sorry I’ve Got Plants – a fantastic local biz from Toronto that only seems to be getting more creative as time goes by. We’ve been with them for about a year, and we are still in love with their plant-based, waste-conscious, mouth watering recipes. Even better? They recently added a preset produce delivery option, so I can meal plan and grab staples all on budget, and all dropped off right at my door.


Raise A Glass to Mom’s Health – Get Local Juices and More, Dropped Off at Your Door

Whether your mom likes to sip fresh juice, organic small-batch Kombucha, craft beers, wine, or anything else, you can easily get local beverage artisans to deliver their finest ‘toastables’ right to your door. I personally have been a fan of Elxr juices for years and am so happy that they’re still in full delivery swing! Also, Remedy’s amazing kombucha ships throughout Toronto (their Lemon Lime Mint is so good). If  you’re looking to spoil mom with a fancy happy hour, Reid’s gin (who is also making hand sanitizer for the frontline) has stepped up with cocktail delivery and even have a Mother’s Day package for pre-order. Another favourite, Revel cider also delivers. And of course, if the mom in your life enjoys wine, Peller Estates is now offering home shipping of all your Ontario favourites, or why not let you’re your Mom build her own gift box from stand out brands like Chateau des Charmes, that offer contactless drop off and a great selection? Whatever actually ends up in her glass, I’m going to take this opportunity to say, “Cheers Mamas!”

Photo: Allie Duff, Pure Balanxed

Let Mom Lounge in Style –The Gift of Comfort That Gives Back

I don’t know about you but physical distancing has me in a uniform of day pajamas and night pajamas, and that can make the days feel like they are never ending. One of the best jolts to the system is keeping a routine of self-care, and that includes the simple act of getting dressed – but I mean not too dressed because, quarantine. Enter loungewear. Pure Balanxed, a local company that offers luxurious blend basics with wonderful affirmation tags like ‘I am worthy’ and ‘I am loved’ sewn into their insanely soft crews and t-shirts, has amazing gifts for Mom, and a goal of sending 600 masks to 20 midwife clinics across Ontario. You can donate or ‘buy 1, donate 1’ masks in different quantities for a thoughtful gift, or, Pure Balanxed will also send midwives 2 masks immediately when you pre-order their wildly popular, goes-with-everything, ridiculously soft, jogger. So basically you are getting your mom super comfies, supporting new mamas, AND health heroes all with one gift. WIN, WIN, WIN.

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Give Mom the Ommmmmm – Meditations for Every Mom

While I don’t meditate like a Zen master, I do take some time for myself everyday (even if that looks like me hiding in the laundry room for a few deep breaths). When I have a few minutes longer, I listen to guided meditations and I can’t tell you how much that’s helped me over the years. I’ve used meditation to help manage anxiety, chronic pain, stress levels, and to simply try to bring more mindfulness into my life. Now there are some free apps out there which are great to explore if you are just getting into it, but one of the nicest things I’ve ever received is a custom meditation. As in written and recorded for me. I know. How cool is that? Heath and I actually received one as a gift for our wedding, and we also sent out the link as our favour. Isn’t that amazing?  That’s what the wonderful folks at Mind Mgt can do for your mom too! Check out their premium meditation packages for incredible content, or work with them to bring the mom in your life the customized peace she deserves.

Photo: Kat Inokai

Get Your Mama Moving- Independence and Mobility for All

Mobility and accessibility issues don’t just go away because of physical distancing. In fact it can be even more intimidating to face those issues when you know that you’re isolated from your supportive family and friends. If you know a mom who needs extra support with her mobility talk to her about supporting her with a walk assist or mobility aid that lets her feel her independence! There are different solutions for everyone – I know I use 3 for different reasons and I love each one! Here are my top picks to celebrate Mom.

If your Mom needs a cane and is struggling with what that will do to her image and self confidence (we all go through it) check out the gorgeous sticks at Neo Walk! The brightly coloured, transparent, and even light-up sticks are anything but stuffy and will have everyone else in the house wanted one too. My 5 year old thinks the light-up sticks are actually light sabres and frankly, I haven’t corrected him.

There is no recommendation more fitting for this than the Alinker, seeing as it was designed by BE Alink as a solution for her own mother’s mobility. Since the Alinker came into my life, I’ve been a different person. I use my happy yellow walking bike every single day – even if I can’t get outside. It’s unique design means I’ve got core support and the confidence of sitting, but I’m actually at eye level and able to participate in everything from conversations to cooking to training for a 10k. Ok. I’m not quite there yet, but GOALS. The most important thing is that it keeps my body and legs engaged without using a wheelchair, and it keeps me engaged socially too. And right now, all of that is so important. BE (one of my favourite humans) not only wanted this game changer to change accessibility as we know it, but designed buying options to make it accessible economically too. You can buy, rent, or crowdfund for the Alinker, and even buy gently used ones as well.


Let Your Mom Get Func-y! – Virtual Functional Medicine Consults, Acupressure, Movement and More

I had just found the perfect balance of self-care when quarantine hit. Acupuncture and deep fascia release were helping with my pain levels, migraine management and mobility; One-on-one reformer and mat Pilates were helping me feel stronger and navigate my POTS symptoms, and I had just started talking about getting back to functional medicine when BOOM. Quarantine really threw a monkey-wrench into my health. To make my heartache worse, I was getting all of this help from one place, the incredible team at The Movement Boutique.

But guys. They went VIRTUAL. And while acupuncture is something that I’ll have to wait to get back to, they offer foam rolling, acupressure, func med consultations, a variety of movement classes and more. They even have a Mother’s Day package right now that includes great stuff like a dry brush, bath salts, Consonant foaming face wash and a week membership to their virtual studio. (Heath, if you’re reading this, just remember that this is basically my want list.)

Dr. Mark Hyman (yes, THAT Mark Hyman) just included our Toronto homegrown TMB in his top 5 picks this week. I’m so happy for them! Listen for TMB founder Shalini Bhat on my new podcast – dropping soon!

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Get Mom Connected – Moms Supporting Mom Events

I am going to say it. I MISS ADULTS. I miss talking to women. I miss talking about something other than when snack-time is, and why grade 5 math is so hard. So at about week 3 of this crazy quarantine, I started signing up for events and programs that were just for me. These events and sessions stimulated my business brain, soothed my soul, and yes, connected me with other moms who are currently juggling their careers and businesses with their kids, and this crisis, all while hiding in that spot under the stairs and praying that no one finds them for the 2 minutes they need to make that call.

There are tons of events that now offer replay access to their courses and content with a purchase of ticket, even if you buy the ticket well after the event (hint: now!) YGT Mama’s Sabrina Greer put together ‘Positivity On Demand’ which grants access to her incredible ‘Boss Mama Virtual Summit’ which launched April 1st. Speakers like Leisse Wilcox, Mona Sharma, Kari Keating and more are there to empower and support through an all-access video library. ‘Positivity On Demand’ alum Haylee Stamper also created a wonderful event called ‘Adapt and Rise’ which is also still open for tickets and funds go to help single mom communities through COVID-19.

When I bought my tickets I knew it was a great investment – buying the Mama in your life tickets to both replays would be the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift.


Go Go Gadget MOTHERHOOD – Get Mama Thriving With These 2 Must Haves

My final gift to you are these 2 ideas that will drastically change the way the mom in your life functions in quarantine and beyond. First, I’m just going to say 2 words: HOT FLASHES. And technically, yes, ‘there’s an app for that’. Although the app is also what controls the Embr Wave, a gorgeous bracelet doing double duty as a personal thermostat that can help you manage your temperature. You read that right. If you know a mom who struggles with hot flashes or night sweats, (or a Spoonie like me who deals with temperature dysregulation all the time) this is the coolest gift you could get for them. (See what I did there? Ha.) Until May 17th Embr Labs is offering $70 off a Mother’s Day themed Embr Wave bundle. Stay tuned for my review coming soon!

This next gadget is one that I’m pretty sure will change an entire quarantine experience, not to mention motherhood in general. I don’t have links to specific models or a preference for one in particular but I’m pretty confident when I say –

Noise Cancelling Headphones. You are welcome.