President’s Choice, has launched the most genius foodie-centric event ever. In the spirit of the very popular Winterlicious and Summerlicious—where Torontonians get to sample high end restaurants through prix fixe meal deals— PC has conceived (heehee) BABYLICIOUS.

The concept is pretty much the same: top restaurants around Toronto are participating in a limited time prix fixe offering, but this time parents are able to extend the gourmet experience to their toddlers. That’s right. Family date night just went to a whole new level.

President’s Choice provides PC Organics baby food for tiny gourmands (suggested range is ages 6 months to 3 years), while parents sample the menu from restaurants like Tabule, Cibo, Gusto 101, Ascari Enoteca, Boehmer, L’Unita, and Cluny.

Mamas, are you fist-pumping? Because I am. President’s Choice has ensured that each amazing restaurant will have high chairs and change tables— so there will be no makeshift counter diaper changes or lap-balancing-while-you-eat acts. And there will be delicious food. Food that you don’t have to prepare. Food for adult palettes. And wine. There will be wine.

Thanks to Babylicious, my entire family (including 6 year old Vee and 20 month old Harrison) will be going to Cluny next week, a restaurant previously reserved for very fancy birthdays and adult time ( so we’d maybe go once a year). And both as a foodie and parent, I am thrilled.

Part of me feels like saying:

“This one is for all those people who have ever given a look when I’ve come into a nice restaurant with my children. This is my ‘get off your high horse and check out my HIGH CHAIR’ victory dance. Huzzah!”

Of course, Vee, my 6 year old brought up a good point.

“Mummy, what if Harrison starts throwing food?”

Hmmm. I didn’t think that far ahead.

“Well, in case he does I had nothing to do with it and I should still get dessert.”

Heads up, Cluny.

And thanks so much, PC!

Babylicious runs from May 5-15, and you can learn more about it and get booking information for all the restaurants at Make your reservations now, and remember- no sitters needed!

This post is sponsored by President’s Choice