Getting ready for an event, and all the hair teasing, make-up slathering, cosplay partying that goes with it? We’re always down for fun, but if you follow these 4 tips your skin and hair will love you even after you get back to being your mild mannered alter ego.

  1. Prime your face

Whether the product is low end or high end, it doesn’t matter (my favourite happens to be Shiseido), but priming your face is so important. You are basically creating a well-moisturized and evened-out facial ‘canvas’ for your make up and that is key before you proceed to smear 5000 lbs of gunk on to it, and reapply for 12 hours straight.

  1. Drink Water

Skin that can stand up to repeated make up application is moisturized skin, but it’s not enough to have a go-to face cream. We hydrate from the inside out, and that means you need to start drinking water ahead of time. This goes double for you if you plan on drinking at all– make sure you counteract the diarrhetic effects of alcohol (or even coffee) because it all comes out on your skin.


  1. Prep with a Heat Protector

STEP AWAY FROM THE IRON. This is part of ‘priming’ for your hair. If you’re going to be using ANY kind of curler or flat iron on your hair, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve prepped with a thermal spray. There are tons on the market ranging in price, so there’s no excuse not to take this essential step.


  1. Don’t Sleep in Your Makeup

When you’re ready to turn back into a pumpkin, wipe your face with an oil based make up remover (even baby oil is good), or a make-up removing towelette. Do NOT sleep in your makeup. I repeat. Do NOT sleep in your makeup. Make up can block pores and even cause infection and inflammation, and when it works its way into creases it can have an aging effect.

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