Ok. Halloween is over. The turkey leftovers are officially gone. The holiday season is a month away, and we’ve decided we’re going to ring out our livers and reset to our happy place with another Whole30.

The fact that we were both happier and way healthier after our first Whole30 made us stick with it for almost 90 days before we started to slip back into our carbo-loading habits.

I lost 30 pounds. Kat’s inflammation was at an all-time low. So it’s ok if we have a beer here or there, eat that amazing piece of cake, or order a pizza to munch on while watching movies, right?

The answer is yes. It is ok. Everything is ok. But there comes a time when you’re not enjoying it anymore. You feel like crap but it’s the ‘easy’ thing to do. Or the ‘comforting’ thing to do, and then the rationalizing starts.

September we were still being ‘Whole30-ish’. October was a lost cause. Between Thanksgiving, Kat’s birthday, and Halloween we totally went to the dark side.

So starting November 2 (because we’re still sorting through Halloween candies today), we’re doing another 30 days to help us feel better for before it’s Ugly Christmas Sweater season and all the gorging starts anew. But that’s not the only reason. Here are 10 which made us decide to commit again.

  1. We’ve been really good about eating gluten-free. Except for beer.
  2. French fries are no longer a treat, but a norm.
  3. Organic dark chocolate chips have given way to milk chocolate.
  4. Lettuce wrap burgers have been rationalized to ‘it’s just a little bit of bread’.
  5. Sugar has crept slowly back into everything.
  6. There are evil noxious fumes in our home.
  7. We’re not gaining the right kind of weight.
  8. October has been full of sodium, pie, booze, and candy.
  9. We haven’t been meal planning or prepping—which apparently means we order pizza instead.
  10. Kat ate a lemon meringue pie for breakfast. (Yes. An entire pie.)

Want to join us? We’ve started a Facebook event to help us stay on track and keep motivated.