If you haven’t yet, make sure you have netTVnow bookmarked. This site has fantastic features on lots of great web series, going beyond typical rehashing of your favourites to give more in depth coverage for productions and fans alike. netTVnow shares industry interviews, gathers weekly promo releases for ‘Trailer Tuesdays’ and even helps indie productions meet their funding goals by featuring their campaigns on ‘Funding Fridays’.

They have helped many series connect with their audiences, including Skeleton Key Films/Jason Armstrong’s incredible Swerve, a seriously well-crafted web drama now going into its second season. In Season 1, I  got the pleasure of playing ‘Mama bear’ Jen opposite Sharon Belle‘s sensitive yet guarded ‘Elise’ and Emily Alatalo‘s fiery and mysterious ‘Stevie’.

You can read netTVnow’s Season 1 recaps here, and watch the episodes too!


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See netTVnow’s featured Swerve: Going Home season 2 trailer by clicking here.

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